Vision & Mission

Vision of the University

  • To create value through economic, social and environmental developments whilst being a world class education provider in a manner that is nationally entrenched, regionally recognised and globally relevant.
  • To foster a culture wherein original ideas are generated through a strong accent on innovation, inquiry, scholarship, creativity and research.
  • To develop a leadership which is capable, compassionate, conscious and committed to the common good.


Mission of the University

  • To strive to provide and promote quality education and training in multiple verticals by leveraging a structured mix of scholarship with professionalism.
  • The University believes that its first responsibility is to the students, staff, alumni and all other stakeholders.
  • To commit to develop a system that focuses on the head, heart and hands within an intensive teaching, learning and research environment that streams through our code of conduct.
  • To put a strong emphasis on enhancement of skill-sets which are practically relevant with an uncompromising orientation towards quality in whatever the University does.


Objectives of the University

  • To promote the highest standards of research and scholarship and to be a world leader in [our] areas of specialization;
  • To ensure an exceptional and distinctive learning experience at the University for all students;
  • To strengthen [our] connections with the local, national and international partners and stakeholders in order to have mutually beneficial outcomes;
  • To make the University reach out to the world so that [our] students, whether studying onshore or offshore, experience a unique education with a distinctive GLS flavour, and to help our academic community engage in knowledge-sharing with scholars and researchers from all parts of the globe.
  • To build the University's reputation as India's defining university by contributing to the understanding of, and innovative responses to, social, economic, cultural and environmental issues;
  • To provide the best possible working and learning environment for [our] staff and students.