Ph.D Student List - Batch 2017

Below are the student enrolled for the Ph.D. program in the academic year 2017 as per the University admission process. The coursework module is still not completed therefore as per the University ordinance of Ph.D. program, supervisors has not been allocated. They will finalize their research title in first Research Development Committee presentation in next month.

Sr. No. Faculty Department Name of the Ph.D. Scholar with Aadhaar Number/Photo ID Mode of Ph.D. (Full Time/ Part Time) Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of comletion of Ph.D. Availing Fellowship Yes/ No Funding Agency of Fellowship
1 Commerce Ph.D. Bhatt Shruti Ghanshyambhai Part Time 201701109010030 26-Jul-17 Analysis of selected mutual fund based on portfilio performance evaluation Jun-20 No NA
2 Commerce Ph.D. Dixit Yashree Kaushalbhai Part Time 201701109010040 26-Jul-17 An analysis on Corporate Governance Jun-20 No NA
3 Commerce Ph.D. Kewlani Himandri Maheshbhai  Part Time 201701109010012 26-Jul-17 Mergers & Acquisitions Jun-20 No NA
4 Commerce Ph.D. Khamar Nisarg Ajaykumar Part Time 201701109010021 26-Jul-17 Financial Statement Analysis: An in-depth study of Maharatna Companies (PSU) Jun-20 No NA
5 Commerce Ph.D. Shah Charmi Shaileshkumar Part Time 201701109010008 26-Jul-17 Accountancy Jun-20 No NA
6 Commerce Ph.D. Shah Hardik Jitendrakumar Part Time 201701109010010 26-Jul-17 Accouting/ Costing Jun-20 No NA
7 Commerce Ph.D. Shah Nidhip Dipeshbhai Part Time 201701109010018 26-Jul-17 Impact of Mergers and acuisitions in telecommunication industry of India Jun-20 No NA
8 Commerce Ph.D. Sharma Utkarsh Anurag Part Time 201701109010036 26-Jul-17 Working capital trends and Liquidity analysis of FMCG sectors in India Jun-20 No NA
9 Commerce Ph.D. Swadia Utkersh Umakant Part Time 201701109010037 26-Jul-17 A study on profitability of selected private banks of India Jun-20 No NA
10 Commerce Ph.D. T A Nikita Part Time 201701109010019 26-Jul-17 A study on Financial Performance Measurement of selected industries with special reference to Indian Companiea Jun-20 No NA
11 Commerce Ph.D. Thaker Nimit Ashwinkumar Part Time 201701109010020 26-Jul-17 Management / Commerce Jun-20 No NA
12 Commerce Ph.D. Vaghjipurwala Yusuf Mustufa Part Time 201701109010041 26-Jul-17 Analysis of Income and Expenditure of Banking Sector Jun-20 No NA
13 Computer Application Ph.D. Narvani Vishal Murlidhar Part Time 201701109010039 26-Jul-17 Speech recognition system for Gujarati Language Jun-20 No NA
14 Design Ph.D. Akash Gaur Part Time 201701109010001 26-Jul-17 Communication Design (Film Studies) Jun-20 No NA
15 Design Ph.D. Anglay Hemang Madhusudan Part Time 201701109010011 26-Jul-17 Title is not there Jun-20 No NA
16 Design Ph.D. Arun Kumar Kushwaha Part Time 201701109010003 26-Jul-17 Product Styling & Perception/ Product Form & Asthetics in the field of apparels Jun-20 No NA
17 Design Ph.D. Kherde Bhumika Vijay Part Time 201701109010006 26-Jul-17 Perception - the play of spaces Jun-20 No NA
18 Design Ph.D. Pritesh Ashokkumar Bhatia Part Time 201701109010024 26-Jul-17 A comparitive study of contributions of portable food kiosk to the economics of marketing of QSR versus traditional street food vendors Jun-20 No NA
19 Design Ph.D. Vaibhavi Thakkar Part Time 201701109010038 26-Jul-17 Integration of Crafts in Contemporary interior architecture and its impact on the stakeholders Jun-20 No NA
20 Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Kumar Phalgun Vikramaditya Part Time 201701109010023 26-Jul-17 Impact Assessment of Online Courses towards employability in India Jun-20 No NA
21 Management Ph.D. Anshuman Rawat Part Time 201701109010002 26-Jul-17 NA Jun-20 No NA
22 Management Ph.D. Chaudhari Singdha Atinkumar Part Time 201701109010031 26-Jul-17 Menifestinf HR processes in India'sHigher Education Sector in Context to Business Management Schools of India Jun-20 No NA
23 Management Ph.D. Desai Ashit Vasantkumar Part Time 201701109010004 26-Jul-17 Use of Technology & Creativity for integrated marketing communication Jun-20 No NA
24 Management Ph.D. Dharmesh Navinbhai Adesara Part Time 201701109010009 26-Jul-17 Understanding and analyzing promotional strategies adopted by Gujarat  and Rajasthan Tourism Jun-20 No NA
25 Management Ph.D. Fernandes Perpetua Saby   Part Time 201701109010022 26-Jul-17 Online Buyer Behavior on e-commerce site and mobile app: A comparative study of the Indian Market Jun-20 No NA
26 Management Ph.D. Gupta Rima Mukesh Part Time 201701109010028 26-Jul-17 A study on managing the generational differences of workforce with special reference to generation X and Y Jun-20 No NA
27 Management Ph.D. Joshi Tejas Ravindranath Part Time 201701109010034 26-Jul-17 A study on Impact of Customer Engagement programs through Social Media & Its impact on Consumebr Behaviour with special regernce to FMCG sector Jun-20 No NA
28 Management Ph.D. Kirtika Chhetia Part Time 201701109010015 26-Jul-17 Marketing & Entrepreneurship Jun-20 No NA
29 Management Ph.D. Mehta Mrunal Jagdishbhai  Part Time 201701109010017 26-Jul-17 A study of Rural Consumer behaviour of consumer durable products in Gandhinagar District Jun-20 No NA
30 Management Ph.D. Pandya Brinda Ajitkumar Part Time 201701109010007 26-Jul-17 A study of Global Startup Policies & Incubation Jun-20 No NA
31 Management Ph.D. Patel Bhaumit Umedbhai Part Time 201701109010005 26-Jul-17 An empirical analysis on Medical Tourism in Gujarat - From the context of consumer and Narketer Jun-20 No NA
32 Management Ph.D. Rama Moondra Part Time 201701109010026 26-Jul-17 Comparision of Startup Eco-system in India, US & Canada. In -depth study with reference to Startup Cohesion and Ecosystem Jun-20 No NA
33 Management Ph.D. Ravindra J. Jain Part Time 201701109010027 26-Jul-17 An enigmatic study of the malls in India: its currents challenges and future orientation Jun-20 No NA
34 Management Ph.D. Sadhwani Rajesh Kanayalal Part Time 201701109010025 26-Jul-17 Finance Jun-20 No NA
35 Management Ph.D. Shah Jaineel Kamleshbhai Part Time 201701109010014 26-Jul-17 An analysis on Mechanism, Awareness and effectiveness of new innovation financial instruments in Indian Financial Market Jun-20 No NA
36 Management Ph.D. Shraddha Agarwal Part Time 201701109010029 26-Jul-17 A study on home stay loading services as blue ocean strategy in tourism sector Jun-20 No NA
37 Management Ph.D. Sonjuhi Akhil Succena Part Time 201701109010032 26-Jul-17 Financial Inclusion of Rural India - An analysis of the priority sector lending by banks and credit societies Jun-20 No NA
38 Management Ph.D. Swati Pathak Part Time 201701109010033 26-Jul-17 Climate Change, Virtual Water Content and the Virtual Water Trade in Selected Crops in India: An Impact on Water availability and Food Security Jun-20 No NA
39 Management Ph.D. Tinu Shntibhai Sukhadia Part Time 201701109010035 26-Jul-17 Business/ Economics impact of cutting-edge technologies (AI and Neurometrics) on Healthcare in Neuro Development Conditions Viz Autism Jun-20 No NA
40 Management Ph.D. Yagnik Jaimini Jayantbhai Part Time 201701109010013 26-Jul-17 Employess Branindg: Marketing of HR Jun-20 No NA